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How I Became A Professional Baseball Heckler

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I remember when i would be a new baseball heckler. However I had no clue just how bad I had been before the summer time of 1996. It had been then, while consuming a Jays game having a couple of buddies, we pitched an especially bad line for the Twins bullpen. Searching lower on Greg Hansell, the road was “Hey Hansell, where’s Grettel?”. Twins catcher Matt Walbeck switched around and stated, ‘You’re the worst hecklers I have heard within my existence,’. It had been i then recognized the necessity to improve my forces of harassment.


I visited book stores, the library, and elsewhere I possibly could consider. Remember, it was 1996, and that i did not have a web connection... yet. When Used to do, I published the straightforward question inside a couple of newsgroups - “What’s the funniest factor you’ve probably heard screamed in a ballgame?” Soon there have been a large number of suggestions, it was 100s. Now I have collected about 2500 of the greatest. Some the zingers?

What about...

* How’s your Japanese?

* I have seen better arms on the snake!

* You could not save anything at WalMart!

* You have less hits than an Amish website!

* Go without your coat, you are inside!

* You could not throw a celebration!

* You could not pitch a tent!

* I figured only horses rested standing!

* How will you eat with individuals hands?

* I am gonna break your cane and shoot your pet!

* You have had less hits than Vanilla Ice!

* Hey, Dracula, awaken your bat!

* Would you like my autograph?

* Seriously Cinderella, arrive at the ball!

Or perhaps a bit edgier (But nonetheless warm and friendly)...

* You could not throw grain in a Chinese wedding!

* There’s more heat within an Amish home!

* I have seen better hit and runs within the ghetto!

* You are about as cleaned as the Gulf Coast!

And a few very original ones...

* This infields got more holes inside it than OJ’s alibi!

* I have got internet stocks in better shape than you!

* I have seen better slider mobile phones at White-colored Castle!

* There’s more holes in the glove than the usual Florida presidential ballot!

* I have become better calls from my ex-wife!

* Nice uniform, where’s the Star Wars convention?

* This should be the very best 40 Countdown, the hits keep on moving!

* I have seen a much better move by U-Haul!

* This pitcher is pac-guy...walka, walka, walka, walka!

* You could not save a thing file!!

* I’ve not seen a slide like this since Enron!

* The graphics in your personal website suck!

* Have you buy that swing from GNC?

* Have you result in the ask WMD in Iraq too?

Anything personal, racial, or obscene doesn’t have place in the ballpark. Neither does physical contact like flowing beer on people or tossing coins - both excess of the road. You remain securely from the line with lines which are topical, witty, and original. For instance in Dodger Stadium soon after the brawl in stands a couple of years back, that was began if somebody grabbed the cap of Chad Krueter’s mind — an admirer behind the Dodger dugout screamed at Chad : “Hey Kreuter, I simply bought your cap on eBay!” That was an incredible line meeting individuals 3 criteria.

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